I layer images and footage of myself with animations, images, and text using a green screen. I build out a loose system of visual symbols and engage with them, both on screen as if I am my own avatar, but also off screen in the process of arranging them with software. These two aspects of my performance alternate: I perform within a network of symbolic associations, and return to edit the digital landscape. I end up discovering and then playing within a game without clearly defined rules.

The symbols for me come loaded with psychological significance and I relate to them in that way when I perform and edit, but the language that would dictate their interactions or fix their meaning in place I allow to remain undefined. In this way, I reproduce a subconscious limit where meaning loses definition but still retains a semblance of connectivity outside of grammar: still within the realm of communication but at a new distance from language. This limit is like that brief slipping-off into dream when words are active in the mind but seem to relate to one another without the constraints of logic.

For me, a corollary of this distance from language is a form of self-expression embedded with moments of opacity and inscrutability, where what is lost in translation leaves a timestamp of its disappearance, as if each symbol changes the rules of the system as much as it participates in it.