I layer images and footage of myself with animations, images, and text. Each piece presents a network of symbols that are framed through split screens or nested visual sequences. By recording myself in front of a green screen, I engage with the symbols both visually among them in the finished video and also off screen through software. I am both the actor and the set. These two aspects of my performance alternate in my creative process: I perform myself as responding to an imagined environment, and return to edit the environment in response to my own image.

I am interested in how all the symbols – myself included – relate to one another as they appear on the screen together but also as they relate to one another sequenced in time. The symbols for me come loaded with psychological significance and I relate to them in that way when I perform and edit, but the language that would contain them all and fix their meaning in place I allow to remain undefined (inevitably). I present relationships between symbols that evolve, transform, and reconfigure the same moment that they appear, in order to explore that subconscious limit where words lose definition but still retain a semblance of meaning outside of syntax and grammar – still within a sense of language but at a new distance from speaking and writing.

For me, a corollary of this place of distance is a form of self-expression embedded with moments of opacity and inscrutability, where what is lost in translation leaves a timestamp of its disappearance, or has a glitching effect on what remains. I focus on the problems that come with digital mediation while using digital media as the means of communication. What I posit as a relationship between symbols in any moment of video, and what I negate through reconfigurations of these relationships in any other moment of video . . . this open framework is for me where the internalized environment (my reactive performance) and externalized imagination (my reactive self-editing) find expression as a singular symptom. The self that I layer and re-layer into the artworks at some point spirals out of my making: bound to itself, rendered into JPEG's and MOV files.